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        First of all, we have to say, that both software are fully functional and can be downloaded from here when purchasing the equipment or before. Differences consist only of the account parameters (hostname, database name, username and password).

Since the equipment consists of a software and hardware part, in an effort to give you a full idea how of it works, we have built into the billing  software (SmartTax), a program Telephone and an Indicator. This option can be switched on and off in “Settings”. The initial password access to “Settings” is admin. An option allows you to make full-featured phone calls billing tests.  In order to perform the tests you need to fill out an Order for SmartTax Demo.

 By email you will get access account parameters (hostname, database name, username and password) to one of our experienced databases within period of 30 days. Furthermore, your database will have a SmartTax Manager access license. You can register it  and access it from there.

SmartTax is delivered with installed two users - Administrator with password "admin" and Operator with password "operator". The file "Zones.xlsx" contains two sample Zones tables in Latin and Cyrillic. Import the one you want to work with.

The SmartTax Manager software has preconfigured settings to access three demo databases. Once downloaded, you can work with it immediately.The only thing you can not do here is to change "Settings" and "Manage operators".

A required access to our server is, port 5432 on your computer and the subnet to which it is connected to be outbound enabled. If you have a Firewall on them, allow this port.

SmartTax (built-in Phone and Indicator) is a full-featured multimedia application. So download it listen and enjoy with SmartTax MusicBox.



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