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SmartTax - Introduction

     SmartTax Universal (SmartTax) is an equipment for billing and phone calls traffic analysis, made from telephone booths on private (Call Shops) and public (Telecoms) companies. In it is systematized the rich experience of the our company "Estira Ltd" in billing the phone calls, carried out by cabins at objects of Bulgarian Telecommunication Company and Bulgarian Posts on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.



 According to the call origination criterion, the device works with both classic charging principles:

  • Charging on Tax pulses
  • Charging  by time (Zone table Charging).

For Zone table Billing, the software working with up to four price lists that can be switched manually or automatically according to certain criteria. Both call origination criteria can be used for this type of billing.

The purpose of our team is to create hardware without any hardware settings - no jumpers and switches. Its operating modes are set only by the Billing software. Each indicator automatically receives its cabin number, depending on the Router port, on which it is switched on. The phone sets with which they work, are simple and can be by tone or pulse dialing.

The "client-server" solution allows for remote monitoring and control of the operation of the equipment from anywhere and at any time. With the help of the "SmartTax Manager" software it is possible to make a queries and to read and modify the settings of the billing software for each object registered in it.

The operator interface is flexible, maximal clean and intuitive, with customer service being made with no more than just two clicks of the mouse, using the only mobile button - "Payment". This opportunity is not an end in itself. We know very well the mode of work of employees in the Post Office. We know how much they are burdened with other activities and we try to minimize their attention with customer service in the Telephone booths.

The Billing software takes up minimal screen space without depriving the operator of the necessary information.

Billing software can work with individual or common (shared) system tables. These are:

  • Zones table (time charging mode);
  • Charging parameters table;
  • Tables for defining telephone prefixes according to the specific numbering plan.
  • Working with shared tables allows a group of objects to have a joint billing and a joint numbering plan.

SmartTax has two access modes - an Administrator who has access to settings and an Operator, password protected. It contains a wide range of reports, two of which have a traffic character. Some of the reports also have a graphical representationThe reports can be printed and exported in Еxcel format. It is multilingual (Bulgarian,Russian and English for now) and has built-in detailed Help, which also describes the installation of the equipment. The equipment allows control of the possibility of a conversation with the cabs.

The information on the currently held calls is preserved on an arbitrary exit from the program or in case of accidental power failure (which is not recommended).

What is the benefit of a server maintained by us? When installing our software, you do not have to install a server on your computer, just enter the input parameters for connection to it. Access to your data will allow us to provide you with methodological assistance on issues, arising during the operation of the equipment.

Composition of the equipment:

  • Billing software (SmartTax) installed on a personal computer or laptop with Windows 7 and next;
  • Distribution module (Router) up to 8 ports - It connects the Personal Computer, the Indicator Modules and the telephone lines.;
  • Indicator Modules (Indicators) showing in real time the information about the conversations with accumulation of the due amount. They connect to the router via UTP cables, which are wired by standard 568B (direct cable). The telephones sets are connected to them.The indicators show correct text only for countries where Windows/System locale is in Latin or Cyrillic alphabet.

The computer connects to Router via USB cable (FTDI Chip driver must be installed on the computer)- ; Router connects to the subscriber lines of VOIP Gateway or  telephone exchange  .

The connection to the server and encrypted by SSL.

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You will probably ask yourself what our motives are.

     We are well aware that Phone Booths is no longer so popular. In addition to providing low-cost VOIP telephony calls, it remains the only (except Pay Phones) provider, for the provision of the "Public Phones service". Therefore, according to the  "Universal Service Directive" of the European Union (2002/22 EC), Telecoms with a predominant market share of telephone services in the Member States of the Union shall support it. That is why we will endeavor to present to you equipment with rich capabilities, up-to-date technology, which is fast, easy and convenient.                                                                                                                                                                                                     



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